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Manakeep 728x90
(Nov 24, 2017)
Damn am I the only one who like the sound of ACE or Task Force Green :(
(Nov 06, 2017)
For operations: If you don't sign, you don't go.
(Oct 28, 2017)
Hail WolfPack!
(Oct 25, 2017)
(Oct 21, 2017)
Hail Hydra!
(Oct 02, 2017)
Attendance on the Website is now mandatory for operations, if you do not mark that you are attending you will not be allowed on the Server
(Sep 25, 2017)
Be sure to check the updated Teamspeak Information thread for the IP as well as Discord for all important announcements!
(Sep 20, 2017)
Meeting has been Updated to Sunday due to unforeseen circumstances
(Sep 11, 2017)
If anyone is interested in joining SOAR for an AIRCREW position please get in contact with CW3 Porter, or CW4 Kieso
(Aug 22, 2017)
Thanks for the SPC bump, boss
(Aug 22, 2017)
missclicked meant mediterranian
(Aug 22, 2017)
Thanks for trenching
(Aug 20, 2017)
Im so proud to be nicknamed Trench, I will build us a mighty trench wall
(Aug 13, 2017)
Advanced Comms Training going live in 20 minutes! Don't be late!
(Aug 13, 2017)
congrats guys
(Aug 12, 2017)
(Aug 12, 2017)
Congrats to Søren, Wilkinson, and Spectre for passing Selection and Makinf Sergeant!
(Aug 08, 2017)
Operation Scheduled for Sunday 8/13
(Aug 06, 2017)
Killed it tonight guys. Nice job. Thank you all for participating. Next up for 17th: WW2 Stormin some beaches
(Aug 05, 2017)