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Operator Training Course

OTC is the training program required for all Delta Trainees. This is to make sure that all members have the same knowledge of the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures we will be using in our Operations. OTC will be broken down into 4 Phases, each phase will focus on a specific skill set each operator must have to be successful at Delta. All 4 Phases are REQUIRED to be completed before a candidate can be recommended for Selection.

Makeups are allowed and even encouraged. Below each Phase description is the number of individuals required for a Makeup. To request a Makeup you must contact a Team Leader with the list of names and a time available to run the OTC Phase. This makeup will then be placed on the schedule for others to attend.

IT IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED THAT YOU ATTEND ALL 4 PHASES IN ORDER. However, this is not required, you will not be kicked out of Phase 4 if you did not attend Phase 3. The course will not be slowed down for you however, and things that were explained in previous phases will not be re explained more than once.

Phase 1 - Introduction to Delta

In Phase 1, we will go over the basics of Delta. Our philosophies and basic techniques used in operations. We will make sure that you have the appropriate mods, that your TeamSpeak works, and that you are apart of our Units Page/Discord/Steam Group. We will go over the Loadout SOP and Basic Movement. We will go over Gear, Land Nav, and basic movement and formations. (Most units would call this Basic Combat Training)

Required Individuals for Makeup: 1

Phase 2 - Individual Skills

In Phase 2, we will go over individual skills. These include: Medical/TCCC, Radio Communications, and Land Navigation. This is where you start to learn to think for yourself and operate independently. Most groups would call this Advanced Individual Training (AIT). These skills will be crucial to operating in our Deployments.

Required Individuals for Makeup: 1

Phase 3 - Team Skills

In Phase 3, we bring it all together to work as a team. This Phase is where you will learn MOUT, CQB, and Battle Drills. In addition, Air Assault, Convoy and other infil and exfil methods will be explained. This is where you will truly have to be a part of our team and be held to a higher standard.

Required Individuals for Makeup: 4 (exceptions can be made on case by case basis)

Phase 4 - Advanced Skills

Phase 4 is where things get interesting. Phase 4 goes over the basics of Recon, Undercover work, MFF, and Advanced CQB. This is where you truly learn to be a Delta Operator and not just a Ranger or SEAL. This is required to be done as a team and is HIGHLY recommend that all members retake this class every month to stay sharp and help others.

Required Individuals for Makeup: 4
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