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Good evening, morning, or afternoon ladies and gentlemen. For those who are new and for those that already know me, my name is Chief Warrant Officer A. “Apollo” Kieso, I have the pleasure to introduce one of the larger changes that the Delta Unit is going through, a complete guide on Military Courtesy.

New Rank System

Slight revamp in the Rank system, E1-E4 are “Trainees” once you have passed selection and make E-5 or WO1 you will then be a part of Delta or the 160th SOAR Detachment. Delta is made up of knowledgeable leaders and so is our Unit. If you are told by the person appointed over you to do something, follow the order, if you have an idea that may be better, politely address them and give them your opinion, if they don’t like your plan, don’t be mad, they are in charge.

MIlitary Courtesy

STAY IN YOUR LANE, a PV2, PFC, SPC, or CPL should not be walking up to some random SGT, SSG, MSG, or Officer and say “Oh hey, Sir, what’s up?” To the standard civilian this might not seem like a big deal. But distinction in RANK is necessary for a chain of command.

Here is an Example of both right and wrongs….

Correct: “Good Afternoon (insert rank or call sign of E-5 and up), how are you today? ”

Wrong: “Yo what’s up?”

From now on if you are an E1-E4 you will address the personnel appointed over you by their Rank, or Callsign, example: “Good afternoon, Captain, how are you?” or “Good morning, Sir”

Every person in the unit was taught to talk with respect, you will be addressed with respect, and will be expected to talk to people with respect.

Once again a step towards realism. Not 100% real because at the end of the night this is a game, but we all joined a MILSIM so Command wants to do some changes, you will Obey them, or you can leave. In the famous words of 1SG Doss “You joined us, We didn’t join you.” if any of these changes make you want to stop being in the unit, then leave.


If you are approached by someone apart of command and they politely ask you to fix yourself, do it, here are some of the proper responses. "Aye, Aye" "Yes sir/rank, fixing it right now". If you refuse to, the command staff will take proper steps to ensure insubordination is dealt with properly which includes but is not limited to: kicked from the operation/event, demotion, or being removed from the Unit.


Now real quick to wrap up all this, if someone is being purposefully/extremely disrespectful to you, alert your Section Leader. Attempt to deal with it at the lowest level before pushing it up through the chain of command. Assistant Teamleaders and 2ICs are clearly marked in teamspeak, go to them before you push your complaint higher up the chain. If they do not resolve the issue in a timely matter, please see one of the people listed below to expedite the process. The first question these people will ask you is: "Did you talk to your team/section leader before you brought this up to me?" The answer should always be YES, if not, send it back down the chain.

Chain of Command
Troop Leader CPT R.Sullivan
Troop SGM/Assault 1SG D.Doss
Troop Intel CW3 A.Soren
Flight Commander CW4 A.Kieso
Troop Recon SFC D.Stepanek
Lead Medical Sergeant SSG J.Wilkinson

Thank you all so much for your time and i hope to see how this unit grows over time.

Chief Warrant Officer A. "Apollo" Kieso
Flight Commander
160th SOAR Detachment

I believe the right to life is not a privilege or birthright, it is a fight, an instinct. You either thrive, or you die.
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